Our Story


Completed in 1885, the Armory  Building was the first permanent home of the Macon Volunteers, a volunteer military unit that doubled as a civic organization founded in 1825. The Armory  Building was entirely paid for by the prestigious, self-sufficient Macon Volunteers. The Volunteers fought in several wars including the Civil War under Gen. Robert E. Lee and were for a long time, particularly in the City’s formative years, a very influential and integral group. They would eventually fade out of existence around the middle part of the 20th century.


The Volunteers’ Armory Ballroom/drill hall served as the site of many dances, balls and other community events until the 1970’s when The Trading Post furniture store and moving company set up its operations in the historic structure. In 2005, the new owner, with the assistance of accomplished historic preservationist and architect Sammy Thompson, began restoring the Armory Building to its former splendor. Restorations were completed by Garbutt Construction in April of 2006. Once the doors opened, The Armory Ballroom quickly became a favorite venue in downtown Macon. 


The history of downtown Macon runs deep. Be sure to visit Gateway Macon, as well as NewTown Macon to learn more about our wonderful city. There is always something to see and do!